Is there any hook or call back when a user is deleted from auth0 dashboard?

Good day.

I would first like to give sone context for the questions, which are related to having a hook on user deletion.

We are thinking of using Auth0 to provide a single point of identity for 10 separate and different applications. Users will be using some or all of those apps. We have a requirement where if a user is deleted the other applications must also react accordingly.

Here are my inquiries:

  • Is there way to create hook or call back that Auth0 will trigger once a user is deleted using the auth0 dashboard?
  • Can a user contact Auth0 and request for removal of their personal data? If so and if there is a way to create a hook, will it be triggered?


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We don’t yet have Hook extensibility point for user deletions. In saying that, you can take a look at our Management API Webhooks extension which might be of use. This is not quite a fully functioning webhook that runs on every event - rather, it is a CRON job that can be setup to run at earliest, every 5 mins.

Thanks a lot prashant.

Hi prashant

I’m also interested in user deletion hook. Is this coming soon?