Feature: New flow/action "Post Delete User"

Feature: I would suggest a new flow/action “Post Delete User”

Description: I would suggest a new flow/action “Post Delete User” similar to the flows “Post User Registration”, “Post Change Password”, … so that you can call some other services.

Use-case: If a user is deleted in Auth0 (manually or by API) then we would like to call some “clean-up” methods in other systems. This could be easily achieved with the new flow “Post Delete User”.
Currently you have to use the extension “Auth0 Management API Webhooks” in order to achieve this which means much more effort and complexity:
Is there any hook or call back when a user is deleted from auth0 dashboard? - Auth0 Community

This is a great suggestion. Thanks @jens.e!

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I have this exact use case as well, any updates here?

Hey there!

Compared to other items in the product feedback backlog it still don’t have enough votes so we still need more people to advocate for that.