Universal Delete Account Page - Feature Request

The simplified Universal Login Page is very helpful. What I think would also be helpful is a Universal Delete Account Page managed within Auth0 that would allow logged-in users to delete all stored data associated with their email addresses (including linked accounts).

GDPR explains the Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’). SPAs currently do not have delete:users permissions. Advanced auth0 devs might find this very minor, but it would be useful to have a simplified/quick option for a delete account page instead of having to create an M2M application and custom API all for the purpose of account deletion.

I hope I made sense. :sweat_smile:

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Hey there!

Totally! Thanks for creating this feedback card!

Hi there,
any update on this feature request?

@martin.rieken Your response is the first notification I received in year. I doubt auth0 pays any of these requests any mind. :rofl:

@DEdesign that’s very unfortunate…
How did you solve this in the end? Management API and custom build for account deletion?

We do, on a monthly basis we review those feedback cards and add them to product backlog for further development.

To give everyone an update on this one. As you can see it only received one vote so compared to other cards in the category that’s not much and as of now we’re not taking it into account in terms of further development

New development - Google Play just announced a requirement to allow users to delete their account from within an app but also from the web in the case where the app has been deleted. This feature would be useful for apps which don’t necessarily have a web presence or for devs who wanted to use only a web interface for this feature from within mobile apps and not have to manage a web presence.