Logout using POST API call

Hi, we are using Auth0 React package for our application, and calling out the logout method makes a GET request. Is there any option to change it to make a POST request?
I have gone through the documentation, but couldn’t find the option to do so.

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Hi @shivam.jain,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you would like to make a POST /v2/logout call.

Unfortunately, as you have discovered, this is not possible. We currently only support making a GET /v2/logout call to log users out. (Reference: GET /v2/logout)

Let me also add that we currently have a popular feedback request asking to support a “Post Delete User” function. Check out Feature: New flow/action "Post Delete User"

I recommend upvoting that feedback request so that it can get a higher implementation priority.

May I help you with anything else?


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