Best Practices for Logging Role Management Actions (Create, Edit, Delete)

Hello Auth0 Community,

I’m currently developing an application using Auth0 for authentication and authorization, and I’ve encountered a need to log administrative actions related to role management, specifically:

  • Role Creation
  • Role Editing
  • Role Deletion

I’m interested in implementing a robust logging mechanism that captures these events for audit and monitoring purposes. Could you provide guidance or share best practices on how to effectively log these role management actions within the Auth0 platform? Specifically, I’m looking for ways to:

  • Detect these events when they occur.
  • Capture relevant information (e.g., role ID, name, changes made, timestamp, who made the change).
  • Recommend any Auth0 features or external tools that integrate well for such logging purposes.

Additionally, if there are any webhooks, Auth0 Actions, or specific parts of the Management API that I should leverage for this, I would greatly appreciate detailed insights or examples.

Thank you for your support and looking forward to your recommendations!

Hey @danysik89 welcome to the community!

It sounds like your best bet may be to set up a Log Stream and monitor for sapi event codes - Unfortunately, there aren’t more granular codes for role edits, creations, etc. but these will be included in successful api events.

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