Audit Logs for Extensibility Modifications

Problem statement

Is it possible to get data related to what changes were made to Rules/Hooks/Actions along with the Admin who made these changes?


Though it isn’t possible to see what changes specifically have been made for a particular extensibility feature, Auth0 will still generate a ‘sapi’ log with the description ‘Update a Rules/Hook/Action’ when an update has been made. This log should contain a ‘details.auth’ object containing details about the Admin who made this change. An example of the ‘details.auth’ object is:

"auth": {
       "user": {
         "user_id": "provider|user_id",
         "name": "Admin Name",
         "email": "Admin Email"

Auth0 does not provide for more granular logging for Rules and Hooks such as specific code changes or previous versions.

Actions, however, have a much more robust system of versioning, and logs related to Actions execution will have an additional tab related to the Actions executed during a given login transaction. If there are additional monitoring features that could be useful for the Auth0 product, please log any Product Feedback on the Community site for further review by both peers and Auth0 Product Managers.