How to capture exception information in a hook for further investigation?


Please consider the following scenario.
I have an “Client Credentials Exchange” hook. If an unhandled exception happens I return the result as follows without revealing the details of the error to the client:
return cb(new Error(‘SomeDescription’));

From the other hand, I as administrator need to understand what was the cause of the error (ideally see exception message and stacktrace). Currently, the log entry description looks like follows: “ExtensibilityLogicError on credentials-exchange: SomeDescription.” which is not very informative.

Using Real-Time Logs extension can be used only if the issue is reproducible at the moment and is not helpful for intermittent problems.

Could you please let me know if there are any ways to write custom entries to the Auth0 logs or if you have other suggestion how to address this?

Thanks in advance!

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