Automation trigger on user/app metadata update?

Hi Auth0 community,

I am looking into ways to configure an automation using Actions, Rules or Hooks that would trigger based on an update of user and/or app metadata attributes. Idea is I would like to fire a notification to a 3rd party system that the user profile has been updated, with or without the updated metadata as part of the payload.

I looked at Actions triggers, but none seem to be the right one. Hooks seem to follow the same triggers. Rules on the other hand, while a legacy feature, seem to be completely customizable, and thus a possible solution.

Did anyone try to solve for such a use case and has any tips?

Am I missing something about Actions triggers that could apply here?

Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Hi @awylon,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

There isn’t an Action for user update like there is for post-login or password change.

You can essentially build your own Action on any log event (in this case you would want Success API Operation sapi) by using Log Streams and AWS EventBridge + Lambda Function.

You will send a stream of logs to EventBridge, set to trigger a lambda on the specific event you are looking for.

Does that make sense?

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