Is there any way to trigger an API call (like with webhooks or rules) when we modify a user's metadata?

We’re manually granting users access to our product, but would like to automate a Welcome email upon granting them access (which is done by modifying some user metadata)?

There is no hook that is triggered immediately as part of an update to the user profile, however, assuming that you’re performing the update through the management API then you can consider if this extension addresses your requirement. However, do have in mind that the extension works by reviewing audit logs so there will be delays so you should consider if the approach is sound for what you want to perform.

Thank you for your response! I’ll look into the extension you’ve linked

Question… The docs say that most anything done through the Auth0 dashboard can be done through the Management API. If we perform the changes through the dashboard will they be in the audit logs?
No worries if you don’t know

To my knowledge, at this time changes done through the dashboard in terms of user update go through the same pipeline as they would with management API (as in they generate the same logs) so I think it would also cover that scenario. However, this is from memory, I would give it a quick test just to make sure.

Cool. It’s worth a shot then. Thank you!!