Is there hook/trigger for post-user update?

Hi everyone, I have an enterprise connection and would like to trigger an action whenever the user’s metadata is updated (for example, user updated email in the upstream identity service provider’s side and the email in Auth0’s side is automatically updated when user login). I had taken a look around the documentation but seems like there is none, so I posted a question here just to be sure.

The solution I can think of is to store the original metadata as app metadata, so a comparison of the latest metadata with the original metadata can be done through Rules every time the user logins. I’d be appreciate if there is a better solution than this :smile:

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You are correct that there is not currently a hook for when a user’s app_metadata is updated.

I believe your solution sounds good! Rules run after authentication, so as long as the user metadata does not need to be known to the enterprise connection beforehand, then keeping a user metadata changelog in the app_metadata should work.

Hi @stephanie.chamblee ,

I see, thank you for confirming it!

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