Users query can search in array of strings, but not in array of integers

Ran into what seems to be a bug with the user metadata search query.
Say I have some app metadata like:

  "project_access": [123, 456]

The user search query doesn’t return results against that “app_access_rights” array unless I change those integer values to strings:

  "project_access": ["123", "456"]

I’ve tried variations on the search query, but they all exhibit that same behavior:

 { search_engine: 'v3', q: 'app_metadata.project_access:"123"'; } // No dice..
 { search_engine: 'v3', q: 'app_metadata.project_access:123'; } // No dice...

Is this expected behavior or is it a bug?

Seems to work fine with the below query

Also attached is a screenshot. Let me know if it does not work and we can check your tenant specifically.

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