App metadata not searching in array fields

I have this structure on app_metadata field for one of my users
{ "serviceProviderNumbers": [ "23049" ] }
But when I try hit the endpoint with this query the json response body is an empty array

The documentation says that it is possible to search within root objects inside metadata fields

What am I missing??

:wave: @luisguerra I get the same results when I run that query, but when I run /api/v2/users?q=app_metadata.serviceProviderNumbers%3A%2223049%22&search_engine=v3 I am able to retrieve the user. Can you try including quotations, 23049 to "23049", and let me know if that works for you?

It works now :slight_smile: my guess is that it was fixed by [Feature Disruption] User Indexing Delays impacting Search API • Auth0 Status Page


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