App Metadata search not working anymore

We’ve been searching on the app_metadata for a year with mostly no issues.
Now, it is returning empty search results. Please advise.

per_page: 50,
q: `_exists_:app_metadata.permissions.${escapedId}`,
search_engine: 'v2'

Where escapedId = 240:91

We have multiple users including / auth0|59d3e111886d0e7e4a7ccc4f which has a field 240:91

Per the information available in this user search related incident tenants with active usage, but that did not had an active paid subscription at the time of the incident were migrated to have user search available only on a restricted set of user profile attributes.

If you were relying on user search for attributes not listed on that restricted set (which seems to be your scenario) then the recommended action would be (if you haven’t done so already) to contact support through the email address available in the incident linked above. The reason for going through that route is that it’s easier to discuss the situation of specific tenant accounts as there is no issue in disclosing those tenant names given it’s not a public conversation.

I’m having a similar issue with an integration between Typeform and Slack, what I’m trying to do is store a token into app_metadata after a user login successfully and then redirect to the typeform with the token as a query parameter, then when the user submit the typeform, the service receive a webhook with the user token and using the management API try to get the user and if success then post a message into Slack with the responses. This have been working until yesterday, but today is not working. The query that we’re performing is something like this q=app_metadata.token:Uv38aAd3UUASZU8WP18PmmIdcpVmx00QA3xNe7sEB9Hixkk= and you can find the code making this call here

In my case the account is moved from free to a developer plan subscription , but still the getting empty results for the following search query ,


Users from the db has the app_metadata.test_property with value test
Any idea whats wrong?

Have in mind that the info above was based on the account status at the time of the incident. Moving everyone (even free) with unrestricted search could again lead to the same underlying issue so it was decided that free would be migrated with restrictions by default. However, we understand that an existing account could already be depending on that functionality and as such we are trying to accommodate everyone that had an account before the issue took place. In summary, existing accounts at the time of the incident even free are eligible to metadata search if their use case is valid.

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If you already reached to us and explained your use case then it’s highly likely that the situation can be restored for you, however, the situation implies manual steps including review and as such can take some time.

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