Management api bug - GET user include_fields app_metadata does not work

Steps to repro:

  • Create a user with app_metadata
  • Confirm the app_metadata is retrievable /api/v2/users/auth0%7C__user_id__
  • Add include fields app_metadata, and an empty object will be returned: /api/v2/users/auth0%7C__user_id__?fields=app_metadata&include_fields=true => {}

Sorry for the formatting. Can’t get markdown or the wysiwyg editor to work.

Can you confirm the user has app_metadata in the User dashboard? I have been unable to reproduce this on my end. Can you also try this with another user and see whether the problem persists.

I’m no longer seeing it either. This is not the first time I’ve experienced a problem with the management API that goes away on its own. It seems there are updates made to the API that gives me a problem that goes away. Not good.

I was not able to reproduce this on my end. One thing to note is that we did experience increased error for Users Search in the US region, approximately during the timeframe you experienced the issue. This may be the cause for your issue.

I suggest subscribing to updates from our Status page, so you can receive instant notifications of future events:

My experiences aren’t downtime, they’re changes in behavior with something behaving one way today, and changing another way tomorrow.

Changes in behaviour can be caused by the errors experienced by the User Search API. It was not down, but rather threw errors internally, possibly resulting in the change of behaviour you experienced.