API User metadata search, am I doing something wrong? -- GET /users

Is this also affected by the new ES clusters?

This is what I am using to get all users by “app_id” :


This is the POST to create users:

  "connection": "email",
  "email": "jill@jill.com",
  "user_metadata": {"role":"admin"},
  "email_verified": true,
  "app_metadata": {
  	"app_id" :"dd",

Yes, there were few minor problems in your query string. Here is the correct one :slight_smile:


More details around user search are outlined here.

In relation to the syntax and as another answer already pointed out I would expect it to be q=app_metadata.property instead of q=user.app_metadata.property, but this is only based on my own expectation and what I used in the past.

In addition and probably the most important part is that for some tenant accounts the ability to search by custom properties within app_metadata or user_metadata is restricted. More information about the restrictions is available as part of the status page incident associated with the user search issue; the note has more details about which accounts may experience these restrictions and also has an email address you can reach out to if the restrictions caused issues in your application.