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Hello Community.
I have an issue with sign up with yahoo email. When user register with Username-Password type and typing yahoo mail, he/she don’t get verification email. When user use gmail for the same type, it sends verification emails. So, how can I fix it? Or is it possible to do?

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Welcome to the Community @armida.rehanyan !

Thank you for this info, it means the email verification on the Auth0 side works for the user and a specific yahoo email account is affected.

I think I can adivse checking with the affected Yahoo user if any filters are applied on the Yahoo email account or if by mistake the sender (auth0) has been blocked (I believe more on that ould be found on the yahoo community / support).

In case this Yahoo email account is under some firewall / middleware, please make sure the inbound emails from auth0 are allowed - to see the IP addresses of Auth0 to allow on the email provider side, please take a look here: Auth0 IP Addresses for Allow Lists

Please let us know if there are any other questions on that!

Thanks for answer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me at all. For example with gmail or yopmail I receive verification email with the same IP. The email isn’t in the spam too. Is it possible to send verification email to Yahoo, or maybe I need add any config in dashboard for it ?

I am also experiencing this. An external customer never received their verification email or password reset emails to their Yahoo email. I have been able to replicate this with my own email as well. No emails received from Auth0.

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Thank you for reply!
Did you use another email provider or the Auth0’s provider? We decide to try using another email provider, like microsoft. Hope it will solve problem

I submitted a support ticket since there will likely be more in our user database with Yahoo mail accounts in the future.

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Hi @armida.rehanyan ,

Auth0, as an email provider, is for testing purposes only. -Ref
On the Auth0 side, there are no limitations in terms of what email account (gmail/yahoo/other) a user is using.

Another thing you can verify is if the Username-Password connection you are referring to has the sign-up option disabled (please see the screen below). If so, please ensure the user with a Yahoo email is added to a connection.

If the affected user has more than 1 Yahoo email account, please verify with the user if he/she is attempting to log in with the correct (existing in the specific connection) one.

Please let us know your findings! Thank you!

In case more guidance is needed and your subscription covers it, you can submit a support case with specific (sensitive) data so that logs on our side can be verified.

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