Username not showing on signup page

Im using Universal Login and register with organization name but dont know USERNAME is not showing on Sign Up Page

Here is url which is not showing username

Please tell me how can i achieve this or enable USERNAME

Hi there,

You will have to enable the “Requires Username” in your database configuration to be able to see the username field in the sign-up page.

@cristian.balan Actually my teams want “Name” not “username”.

Can u tell me how to do that

Hi again,

The easiest way to do this is by setting up a custom domain to your tenant and then configuring a Login Page Template:

Afterwards, you can add extra fields to the auth0 widget by configuring the Partials within the Prompts and adding an extra Name field which would then be processed in an action so that it’s added to the new user:

For documentation on how to add the field using the Classic Universal Login instead, without using a custom domain, you can use the following Knowledge Solution:

@cristian.balan Thanks it help me lot but i got one more issue

Here is the screenshot

Why this error is coming during sign-up page specially i want to add space between names like first name space should have then last name

Username can only contain alphanumeric characters and the following characters: '_', '+', '-', '.', '!', '#', '$', ''', '^', '`', '~' and '@'

And how i can solve it