Can we add User name and Last name to Universal Login signup page?

Can we modify HTML in Universal Login not in the Classic Login. Will there be an options like Classic Login in the future?

Hi @plueondee ,

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Adding additional fields to the New Universal Login Sign Up page is not available yet. This feature is only available in the Classic Universal Login.

Ref: How to configure additional signup fields on the Universal Login Page

If you’re interested in getting this feature, feel free to raise this with our Product team via the feedback page as a feature request.

Thank you!


Thank you! I will add the features that I need to the feedback page :slight_smile:


Hi @plueondee ,

Did you ever add a request for this feature? I’d definitely thumbs up that. I am using auth0 to create contacts in our CRM when the user signs up, but we don’t have the first and last name available.

This is specially not good and bad experience for the user when dealing with the organizations feature