Username not available to application from profile

I am attempting to follow the quickstart for a Regular Web App with Node JS / passport-auth0. However, when I configure my database to require a username the username does not appear to returned to the application from auth0. For example when attempting to output the profile data from req.user in the /user route as in the quickstart tutorial. I want to be able to display the username within the application e.g. "Posted by "

I have configured my database connection to require a username. The signup form requires the username field and users are able to login with their username in addition to their email address as expected. I can see the username for that user within the Auth0 admin dashboard. But my application itself does not seem to have access to the username.

I thought this would be pretty straightforward - I don’t understand what the issue could be.

Hi @cpw1485 ,

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We need little more details regarding your query. Please tell us how your application trying to have that data. Either its from ID token or what?

I’m following this tutorial / quickstart: with the exception that I’m also trying to extract the username in my /user route - but username doesn’t appear to be included in any of the user profile information

Thanks for reporting that @cpw1485!

In order to handle that most effectively I would like to work on it with the quickstart maintainers. Can you copy-paste the context you provided and create aa GitHub issue in the quickstart repo?

Once you do that please share the link to the GitHub issue fo we can ping maintainers about that. Thank you!