How can I retrieve Auth0 user data from Auth0 data store and connect to ExpressJS app

Hi I have been trying to retrieve the first name, last name, and email address to display in the client application and created a UI in ASP.NET MVC which I have migrated to ExpressJS with the UI re-written in Vash which is a template engine.

So while I have successfully done something similar in ASP.NET blog I created Displaying Auth0 user profiles in ASP.NET Core 5.0 (part 1) (sorry if that comes across as pitching) I haven’t been able to workout how to connect user store profiles to to ExpressJS UI. I have a sneaking suspicion I need to use the Auth0ManagementAPI to do this and potentially JWTs.

What I have done in Auth0 Dashboard is:

  • Created Auth0 dashboard side application for the project called User_Profile_Client_Display_App.

  • Have created machine to machine application for it called User_Profile_Service.

  • Created database connection to each user on dashboard.

All of this worked for my original ASP.NET MVC app which I am slowly migrating to ExpressJS. What I have done in my Express JS application is:

  • Generated an ExpressJS application from the ExpressJS Quick Start from Auth0

  • Migrated the UI from EJS to MVC written in Vash .

  • Commented out the Error page originally in Quickstart to find any errors better.

  • Gone to this heading 4. Obtaining access tokens to call external APIs copied the code and declared access token with the scope of ‘openid profile email read:user’

I get this TypeError: “secret” is required.

Is there a resource where I could learn how to display the data from Auth0 in ExpressJS using access tokens please?

The end result would look like the attached image.