Connecting Auth0 users to a database

I have made a website using Next.Js. I used the quickstart and now I have a login and a log out and a user profile page.

When I use the useUser() hook, I get a user object that is the user profile. It provides me with this information

" {
email: “[email]”,
email_verified: false,
name: “[email]”,
nickname: “[email]”,
picture: “somepng.png”,
sid: “some sesssion id”,
sub: “user id”,
updated_at: “time”

I removed identifing marks, but this is what I get.

Now, after they log in, I want to have something like “Hello, [name]” on my main page, but their name is their email. Even when I went into Auth0 dashboard and added username, that isn’t added to the profile.

So, without me manually doing anything, how do I get quick and easy access to the username of the user? Do I have to perform a fetch for all the user data and put it in a useEffect? or is there a way for the profile to have the username?