User with space in username unable to authenticate - even with email

Hi there,

I have been troubleshooting a user who is trying to log in, and while I know the email and password are correct, Auth0 is throwing an error in the logs saying that the username is invalid.

Digging into it a bit more, the username in WordPress has a space, which is where I think the problem lies.

Is there any way I can work around this, or do I need to get hacky in the database to change their username to one without a space?

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Hi Ruth,

I just tested out creating a new user directly in Auth0 with a space in the username and, sure enough, not allowed:

The problem with our plugin just converting that space is that you could have two users, “test user” and “test-user” in WordPress and converting the former to the latter when creating a user in Auth0 would either fail (user already exists) or fail when the latter is tried.

If converting the user on your end is trivial, I think that’s the best way to go about it. I’ll add this to our backlog to see if there’s something we can do on our end to handle this.

Thank you!

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