How to give username with space during SignUp in Manage Auth0

@ rueben.tiow
@ cristian.balan

Im getting below error

Username can only contain alphanumeric characters and the following characters: '_', '+', '-', '.', '!', '#', '

Here is the screenshot of error when i try to sigup using username with space i given

Why this error is coming during sign-up page specially i want to add space between names like first name space should have then last name

I want to give space between names first and last name

how i can solve it

Hey there @itcloudnet

You’re seeing that error because username’s cannot contain a space - They can be between 1 and 128 characters (1-15 by default) and contain these allowed characters.

@tyf what if i want to have space between first and last names

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Unfortunately as that error is referring to the username it will not accept a space - Is that field customized somehow to say name as opposed to username?

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