Announcing Expanded Support of Allowed Characters in Usernames!

Managing users is now more flexible! We have expanded characters allowed in usernames to include “!”, “#”, “$”, “’”, “^”, “`”, “~”, “@”.

Prior to this release when managing users via Database Connection, Bulk User Import, or Management API v2 the username field was restricted to alphanumeric characters, “+”, “.”, “_” and “-”. Now we’ve added support for “!”, “#”, “$”, “’”, “^”, “`”, “~”, and “@”. In addition, Auth0 Universal Login supports these characters upon username registration to a Database Connection.

This enhancement simplifies user migration from systems like Microsoft Azure Active Directory or custom databases, where usernames often contain special characters.

There are no immediate changes customers need to make to their existing setup and they can start taking advantage of this right away. To learn more, please visit our Adding Username for Database Connections documentation.

This improvement came to fruition by the way of feedback! We’d love to hear from you on how we can further improve the product. It is super easy and we’re always listening. Welcome you to contribute product feedback here.


Excellent thing that simplifies the user migations. thank you for it.


We’re here for you! Got you covered!

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