Usernames and special characters

Problem statement

What are the characters that can be used for the email address during user registration?

  1. For example, can symbols and multibyte characters be registered?
  2. Also, if there are any special patterns, such as not being able to use a symbol as the first character, please include that as well

Is there anything automatically converted by Auth0 after the email is registered?

  1. For example, uppercase letters are automatically converted to lowercase and registered by the user?
  2. Are there other characters that behave like this?


  1. Yes, symbols and multibyte characters can be registered.
  2. The @ symbol cannot be used in the username part of the email.
  3. This is true for all Auth0 database connections. When the Auth0 Database is not the source of truth (for example, custom DB with import mode off) as well as other kinds of social enterprise connections where Auth0 is not the source of truth, the email is retained as-is and not converted to lowercase.
  4. No, but the username field is another user identifier that follows the same pattern.