Username field validation in case of email format value provided

Hi! I want to raise a topic with a username and email validation. As we know auth0 makes it impossible to put an email into username field. On a same level auth0 makes special characters forbidden in a username field which is validated and show the user. But in case of email value in username input end user does not know anything what has been done wrong. The error message is very generic that says “We’re sorry, something went wrong when attempting to sign up.”. Are you able to provided a mechanism to inform user about wrong value that was put in a username field?

Hi @m.bielawski,

I just tested this on my end and got different results. If the username contains any special characters that are not the following characters: “_”, “.”, “+”, “-”, then you should see an invalid error. See below:

Could you clarify how you reproduced the error message you observed?


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