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User with MFA lost phone and I can't reset!


I have tried resetting the MFA from the actions menu on the user record, deleting the user and deleting the device for that user but it never works. The user can’t login because it’s asking for the MFA. The user lost their recovery code so this is not possible. Please help!


Hey there @jgerber,

When you get a moment can you DM me with the following information so we can move forward on:

  • Let me know whether the you want to reset the MFA enrollment (i.e. change device) or remove it altogether.
  • Let me know the email address of the affected user and any other instruction that the user might have provided (i.e. “Just for my Google social login”).
  • Associated Tenant

From there I will work with our team to remove MFA and let you know as each case is resolved. Thank you in advance.


This ticket has been created with the details you DM’d me. Thank you!


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