/user/ssodata 404s with classic universal login

We get this when we use the Lock.js template and use classic universal login (we have sso: true set in the Lock.js widget that is the only customization we did of the template

There was an error fetching the SSO data. This is expected - and not a problem - if the tenant has Seamless SSO enabled. If the tenant doesn't have Seamless SSO enabled, this could simply mean that there was a problem with the network. But, if a "Origin" error has been logged before this warning, please add "https://<url>" to the "Allowed Web Origins" list in the Auth0 dashboard: https://manage.auth0.com/#/applications/f8tDPG7Y1NTIHhZSDlZa5pkmUhZoylZ3/settings

Any known way to supporess / eliminate these messages? Login seems to work just fine both username-password and SSO, despite these.

I don’t know what Seamless SSO means…

It goes away if I remove ssodata: true when initializaing Lock in our custom template but we need it so that SSO experience works as expected

can we make this into a warning instead of error?