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Error fetching the SSO data with new Tenant



I am using auth0js v9.3.1, using a hosted page with Lock v11.3.

When I log in in my Angular app, I get the following error, as seen in the dev tools:


  • GET 404
  • There was an error fetching the SSO data. This could simply mean that there was a problem with the network. But, if a “Origin” error has been logged before this warning, please add “” to the “Allowed Web Origins” list in the Auth0 dashboard: index.js:400

I don’t see any Origin error, but just in case, I added it to the Allowed Web Origins. The same error shows up.


  • XML Parsing Error: no root element found Location: Line Number 1, Column 1: [ssodata:1:1]
  • (And, again) There was an error fetching the SSO data. This could simply mean […] [index.js:400:4]

Any idea why could this be happening?

This is happening on a new tenant. An older tenant I have has the same configuration and no error is shown.


Hey there @hndk, I would like to take a deeper look at what may be happening. When you get a minute can you DM me your tenant name? Thanks in advance.


Thank you @James.Morrison, I’ll send you the names


Thank you, I’ll keep an eye out for it!


If it helps: Setting SSO to false in the Hosted Lock’s auth options prevents this from happening.

auth: {
  sso: false,

Still, I don’t want to disable it. I want to remember the last user logged in. In the legacy tenants, this works by disabling the “seamless SSO” toggle, I believe (for newer tenants this is always on).


I got the exactly issue as poster got. I will send you my tenant name. Could please also check it for me? Thx~


I wanted to follow up @xuyini and @hndk ask if you can you inspect the http request (via dev tools, for example) and tell me what the actual error is? Perhaps when you are experiencing the error can we get a HAR file and DM it to me so we can investigate further? Thanks in advance!


We have been seeing the same issue. For us it seems we only get the 404 calling the SSOData enpoint (from the hosted lock control) when the tenant is configured with Enable Seamless SSO set to true

Thinking about it this makes sense as in the case that the Sso Data is found the user will be redirected as they are already logged in, while getting the 404 indicates that there is no active session. Potentially the error message shown on the screen is just confusing.


After checking with our support team, If you have enabled Seamless SSO in the tenant it will produce a 404 with /user/ssodata . It can be safely ignored, but definitely can be confusing if looking at it from the dev tools console. I apologize for the confusion!


I wanted to reach out @ruben and see if you had any remaining questions in regards to this matter. Thanks in advance.


thanks James, no further questions. we are happy to ignore the warning message in this scenario


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