User search with conditions, float number in range

Hi, I need to do some search on my users based on their coordinates (or their average rating, etc)

"user_metadata": {
      "latitude": 51.5074,
      "longitude": 0.1278,

the syntax for this seem to be failing, when i use the 2 following urls:

https://{{auth0_domain}}/api/v2/users?q=user_metadata.latitude:[50 52]
https://{{auth0_domain}}/api/v2/users?q=user_metadata.latitude:[50 51]

my user is returned in both cases which is not correct since 51.5074 > 51.

Any idea? using 50.0000 gives an error (invalid query)

Many Thanks

As per this article, Range and wildcard searches are not available on user_metadata fields