Search for users based on how far away they are

Hi everyone I’m creating a Xamarin forms application in C# and in my API I want to pull users between a min and max latitude as well as a min and max longitude to find all the users within a certain radius of the user so they can find people near them. I have stored the latitude and longitude values in the user_metadata but I cant use the range search on them because its not supported. Any other ideas?

Hi @PomTog,

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I have just tested the Auth0 Management API List or Search Users endpoint and found that it’s not possible to create a query for range searches. See below:

Because of this, I would recommend that you create a feedback request asking to support range search support in the Management API.

For now, please check out our How can I search and filter user_metadata/app_metadata in the Management API FAQ on guidance on how to search and filter users.

I hope this is helpful!


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