User Search against user_metadata not returning user_metadata fields in results

Hi - the result set of users returned when using the following query does not contain user_metadata


example user result (missing user_metadata):

    "email": XXXXXXXX
    "email_verified": true,
    "username": null,
    "phone_number": null,
    "phone_verified": false,
    "user_id": XXXXXXXXXXX,
    "created_at": "2019-04-04T22:00:45.368Z",
    "updated_at": "2019-09-07T14:40:00.734Z",
    "identities": [
            "connection": XXXXXXXXXXXXXX,
            "provider": "auth0",
            "isSocial": false
    "app_metadata": {},
    "user_metadata": {},
    "picture": XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,
    "multifactor": null,
    "last_login": "2019-09-07T14:40:00.733Z",
    "logins_count": 2,
    "blocked": false,
    "given_name": null,
    "family_name": null

Why isn’t user_metadata returned in User Search v3?
When I open this user in the Auth0 dashboard I am able to view the user_metadata. (containing customerId:“549”)

Resolved - my C# object wasn’t properly deserializing the user_metadata object from json

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Glad you were able to figure it out yourself @RP4!

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