User not able to see our platform after logging in

We have an end user attempting to log in but they are either seeing a blank screen (first image), or an error page (second image) for their first 4 attempts. Eventually they were able to log in. Not sure what the issue is - would appreciate any guidance! Our developers confirmed this was not a Back-end issue and was on the Auth0 side.

Need more info to help trouble shoot this.

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Thanks @o2e , what other information should I provide?

@o2e - more information for you here:

Here is the link to the error -

access_denied : You may have pressed the back button, refreshed during login, opened too many login dialogs, or there is some issue with cookies, since we couldn’t find your session. Try logging in again from the application and if the problem persists please contact the administrator.

TRACKING ID: 259de0fa4f66c018cb6d

Any thoughts on what could be going on?