User login shown with no name or email when authenticating against test AD connection

Having followed the instructions to set up a test AD connector (, I can successfully log in with the credentials of the sample user mary.smith.

However in my Users console screen, Mary Smith’s login appears with (empty) in both the name and the email address fields. The latter I can understand (there being no email address in AD), but why isn’t the name showing up in the user access log?

I don’t have an AD connector configured at the moment so I’m unable to confirm if by default the name should be included or not, but you can tweak the mapping of user information through the AD Connector configuration, in particular, using the Profile Mapper section; see reference docs for additional info.

The above should allow you to ensure that the proper data is made available in the Auth0 user profile.

It looks like that it was indeed a mapping the issue. The default profile mapping from AD was:

name: {
   familyName: raw_data.familyName

which Auth0 didn’t seem to like (perhaps because it’s a nested object rather than a string?). Changing it to


fixed the problem.