Custom AD Attributes - LDAP Connector

Hi, not sure if this is the correct place.

We have an AD/LDAP connector in place and working with Auth0. Users can log in to their front end application fine, so connectivity/infrastructure wise everything is OK.

We’ve added a custom AD attribute called “clientID” to our users. We’ve then mapped this in Profile Mapper, using

profile[‘clientID’] = raw_data[‘clientID’];

However, this attribute never syncs across to Auth0. I’ve tried deleting users, restarting the service, server. The connector is fully up to date too.

Thanks for your time!

If you haven’t done so already, my recommendation would be to temporarily use a different configuration in order to try to gain some insights at what could possibly be going one, in particular, I would try:

profile['clientID'] = 'CLIENT_ID_X';
profile['custom_prop_a'] = 'VAL_1';
profile['custom_prop_b'] = raw_data['clientID'];

Completing a login while the connector is online and with this test configuration may shed some light on the root cause of the issue. Also, in your sample code the quote are wrong, but I’m assuming that was a copy/paste issue and in the mapper configuration they are correct.

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