LDAP connector and auth failure

Hi there,

I 'm disccovering auth0, and I’m trying to do openldap integration with LDAP connector.

I’ve setup connector, troubleshooting is fine (I can find LDAP users with search tool of admin connector page), connector is online in my auth0 account, but when I try to use the login box test, I’ve a bad credentials error.

Am I missing something ?
I’ve seen limitation message in entreprise connexion about my current plan (developper, just doing POC for now before eventually upgrading), is there the failure cause ? (there is no clear message about that when testing login)


Hi @toms130 , one potential issue that trips people initially is having multiple connections enabled in the application, not just LDAP. If that is the case Auth0 may try to validate the credentials in a DB connection instead, causing this error. Can you make sure that only the LDAP connection is enabled for the application?

If it fails afterwards as well, you can check the Connector’s logs to see if the request is arriving in Connector from Auth0. This will help you confirm if the LDAP server is throwing the credentials error, or something else is going wrong.

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Hi @thameera , default Username-Password-Authentication was indeed activated, now it works correctly, and I can see JSON application receives.

Thanks for advice !

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Perfect! Glad that it’s working now and thanks for helping on this one @thameera !