User email says pending (for Line Social Connection)

Attached here is it looks for my users who logged in through Line Social ( All of the emails say pending and I’m not sure what’s the reason. Other users who logs in through Google says verified normally.

Am I missing something here? I believe that the Line platform itself should already verify their user’s email.

Hi @achanont,

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Here is some information from our docs regarding email verification:

When users authenticate with a federated identity provider (e.g., a social or enterprise connection), the value of the email_verified field will match what the identity provider returns in the user profile. If the identity provider does not return any value, it will be set to false.

Unfortunately, looking at LINE’s docs, it looks like LINE does not provide the email_verified property in the user profile data: LINE profile info docs

This means that the value will be set to false for users signing in with LINE.

If you would like to set the value of email_verified to true for LINE connections, you can do so using Rules. Let me know if you’d like more information on how to do that.


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