User created through Management API cannot login


We are creating connections through the API, then creating an user for the connection, we can login in the portal(connections->try connection) but not when the app login screen is presented.

I checked the manually create users have authorized applications(can login using their credentials), but the users created using the API have none, even though the connection is enabled for the clients…


Hi @fred.besterwitch,

What is happening when you try to log in? Are you seeing an error? It sounds like there may be a mismatch in the connection the user belongs to and the connection they are trying for login.

Dan, Thanks for Replying.
I was creating users in multiple connections, then when I try to log in it only uses the [Username-Password-Authentication] connection. I was under the impression that you can create many connections with users in them and when you log in it will span all the connections. But I don’t think that’s the case.


You are correct, that isn’t the case. That is likely why you are having trouble.

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