Receiving "connection is disabled" when trying to create user

I’m receiving the following error when I try to create a user with the Management API:

connection is disabled
 (client_id: oPdf0zo1bkhtbrvgsqkmNRHXUrT183vy - connection: auth0-infra-db-connection-cole3)

That client id happens to be the API Explorer Application - I’m not sure why that is.

This is the call I’m making:

await managementClient.createUser({
    email: "",
    email_verified: false,
    verify_email: true,
    connection: "connection name",
    password: "password"

What am I doing wrong?

I think I figured it out. For my database connection I had to enable the “API Explorer Application”.

Is this safe to do in a production environment? Or should I create a new machine-to-machine app that is only used to do Management API tasks?

That would be the correct way. The first method you mention is more for test-development purposes.

I’m trying to get things working so that I can us AWS Custom Resources to build my Auth0 resources. I was thinking that I could have one “management machine-to-machine” app for my tenant. That app would only be given the permissions it needs to build/update/delete the resources I’m creating.

I think this makes sense. The machine-to-machine app just needs to have the Management API enabled for it.

Does all of that sound right?

Hey there @groffcole!

Seems like a correct way

When you create container successfully, containerID will be returned via intent.

Thanks for sharing that @samanthadavies846_1!