"Failed Signup: connection is disabled" error on same client_id with successful "API Operation: Update a User"

Here are two Management API logs from the same ‘client_id’: 1: Update a user, 2: Create a user. They both use the same code and yet one succeeds and the other fails with an odd error message that says “connection is disabled”.

How is this possible? What is causing this? Is this something that I can fix or is this something that Auth0 needs to fix or look into?

Thank you!

Hi @Edward - From your screenshots, looks like this is for the email passwordless connection. Try checking the following: Go to the Tenant’s management dashboard > Authentication > Passwordless > Email > Applications (tab) > Make sure the correct applications are enabled.

Also make sure the Disable Sign Ups option is not toggled on under the Email > Settings (tab).

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@gparascandolo Yes! that is correct. However, my difficulty was not in finding this area but in knowing what to do once I get there. Clicking on the only apparent control (in pink) only turns the “Email” connection on and off. It is not apparent that there are Settings and the only way to access those settings is by clicking on the region to the left of the on/off control (in green). How much trouble would it be to add a gear/settings icon to access settings?

Glad you were able to get this resolved @Edward! :slight_smile:

Regarding Auth0 adding a gear/settings icon, I would suggest giving Auth0 Feedback on your request and hopefully they will look into it for you.

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