Creating users in Enterprise connection using Management API


Im trying to create a user in enterprise connection (we are using Microsoft Azure AD) using management api with the email id of the user, when the user has not yet logged into the application even once using AD credentials. But when i try to create the user, getting error message - "The connection does not support user creation through the API. It must either be a database or sms connection."

Is there a way i can create an user in enterprise connection, even before the user has logged in to the application using his enterprise credentials for the first time?

Hi @Hpanneerselvam

The only way to create an enterprise user (or a social user) is for them to log in.

There is a way to “create” the user:

  • Create a new DB connection (only used to store enterprise users, never for logging in)
  • Create new enterprise users in the new DB connection
  • Make a rule that on first login by an enterprise user - look the user up in the DB connection and copy over data if they exist



Hi @john.gateley can you provide such rule? not sure how can we get the user data this way.
also i set Disable Auto-Membership on the organization but if the user does exist i do want to add him to the organization