List all users in Azure AD via Enterprise connection


I have an Enterprise connection to Azure AD. Our customer wants us to retrieve a list of their users and set them up in our application before they login, rather than creating them when we become aware of each user as they login.

Is there a way to retrieve a list of users through the Enterprise connection that exist in the Azure AD?

I note the Azure Enterprise Connector has a “Users API”, which we have enabled, but I can’t see any option to retrieve the users list through the Management API. I can iterate users that have logged in, but not those that have not.

How is this meant to be done?

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Hi @stagecat,

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If you wanted to get every user from an identity provider (IdP), you would need to do that directly with the IdP. Auth0 only knows about the users that have since logged in via that identity provider.

Hi @dan.woda

We have a similar problem. We would like to use the management API to show admin users of our tool which users are connected. It might however be hard for us to directly connect with the identity providers of customers. I was mostly wondering what enabling this “Users API” would allow us to do as I am having a hard time finding documentation on that.

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I am having roughly the same problem and also posted about it here: Provision users from Enterprise Connection

I have also come across the “Users API” checkbox, but haven’t found any new behavior since enabling it. The documentation is not very helpful here either and it seems that the Auth0 staff is ignoring every question about it…

edit: I was mistaken in my original response.

It looks like the Enable Users API is for a legacy feature and will not function with the current feature set of Azure AD.

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