Azure AD Enterprise Connection User Search


In reading through the documentation for Azure Active Directory enterprise connections, I was able to set up connections and organizations for two test tenants I have already created. There is however an additional checkbox in the configuration labeled “Auth0 APIs” which has a small section of the documentation that states:

Auth0 APIs (optional) When selected, indicates that we require the ability to make calls to the Azure AD API, which allows us to search for users in the Azure AD Graph even if they never logged in to Auth0.

I was unable to find additional information about this piece of functionality though. Perhaps I’m just missing it somewhere, or it’s simply something that is used in facilitating some machine to machine communication and the work of setting it all up and actually listing Azure AD users who have not logged in is to be implemented entirely manually.

Just wondering if there is a standard way of requesting all users defined on an Enterprise connection. I see that in addition to Azure AD, Google Workspace also has a similar checkbox which seems to indicate that there is an Auth0 wrapper around listing users when the underlying enterprise connection allows for it. Is this true?

Any way I can get a little help with this functionality? Just some documentation would suffice I am just unable to locate it. Probably an issue on my end, just wondering if it’s documented anywhere.

Stumbled upon this post when trying to search how one could , having an Azure AD entreprise connection set up, create the users (that Azure AD assigned to the application) automatically with some sort of “sync” since this feature says it can “search for users in the Azure AD Graph even if they never logged in to Auth0”.
I don’t find any documentation either.