Clarity on user list/search

I am looking for some clarity on how to use the user search API (or the appropriate API I am missing). Currently I have both a user/pass database and a Microsoft AD connected to my account and an application configured to use both for user authentication. What I need is to query all the users available in AD. I am using this query to try and retrieve them:


There are several users in our AD that have last name Smith, however I get an empty list back. It would appear the only users I can list with the above query are users who have previously authenticated with Auth0 via our AD…is this expected behavior or is my query wrong? Is it possible to get a list of all users available in AD via the Auth0 /users endpoint?

Thanks for any direction.

Note, the missing connection is a typo, I have a valid connection name that matches my AD’s name in Auth0.

Hi mikey,

You are correct that the User search API can only search users who are in Auth0 (i.e already authenticated with your AD connection) and available in your Users dashboard.

So this is the expected behaviour.

Hope this helps.

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