Use HashiCorp Terraform to Manage Your Auth0 Configuration

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Is there any movement on that feature? We’re looking to move to managing auth0 via terraform and being able to export config from auth0 into a terraform configuration would save a huge amount of time.


If you are still using the Auth0 terraform provider and are still in need of this feature I would ask that you raise it with your account manager. I would like to see Auth0 provide an official terraform provider that provides full feature parity with the Auth0 UI and is kept in sync as new features are developed. If you are a paying customer please raise this as a requirement with your account manager so that internal resources can be allocated and a commitment made



This question is based on the Auth0 blog - Use Terraform to Manage Your Auth0 Configuration

I’ve been playing with the sample secure_express app from the Terraform blog post linked above and it’s working great. I have extended it to use my idp for authentication (instead of just the local database) and that works great too.

Now I am trying to get idp-initiated login to work and that is failing. I believe the problem is that Auth0 does a POST to the /callback url after the idp initiates the login.

When the idp flow POSTs to the /callback url, I get this error:

If I place my cursor in the url field of the browser window and just press enter - this does an HTTP GET request to the callback url and the login is successful.

Is there a way I can change the IDP initiated flow (or the auth in general) so that it does a GET to the /callback url instead of a POST?

Hey there @robertino.calcaterra and @dan-auth0 can we get some eyes on this thread? Thanks!


Hi again - I’m wondering if I could get a response on this?

Hello chaps. How are we doing on this?

Hi @camepp. We are working on your question. We’ll be back here as soon as possible.


Thanks for the update @robertino.calcaterra !

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Hello, it’s been a week so I’m checking in. Can I assist with any samples or info?