Use custom domain in emails enabled through management api/a0deploy

I want emails sent by Auth0 to link to our custom domain (i.e reset password or MFA enrollment emails) rather than the tenant domain. I know that in the management portal there is the switch under Branding > Custom domains > Settings but I would like to be able to enable this switch using the management API.

We have most of our Auth0 config managed using the a0deploy npm package and I would prefer not needing to manage a setting like this only though the management portal. Is there a way for me to use the a0deploy package to control this or is my only option the management portal?

Hi @ben.davidson,

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It looks like you can do this by updating enable_custom_domain_in_emails flag to true in the tenant settings. See the Management API’s Update tenant settings endpoint.

  "flags": {
    "enable_custom_domain_in_emails": true

I hope this answers your question!


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Thanks Ruben thats just what I was looking for!

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