Disable Custom Domain in Emails with Free Subscription


My team has a development tenant that we set up with an Essentials subscription and a custom domain several months ago. We also enabled the custom domain for email sending.

Recently, we decided to downgrade the dev tenant to the Free tier and stop using the custom domain. However, it seems as though the setting to send emails with a custom domain did not reset when the downgrade occurred. This results in password reset emails being sent with the custom domain in the reset URL, despite the fact the domain no longer exists.

Because we are now Free tier, we have no way to disable this setting ourselves. How can we reset our account so that email URLs contain the default Auth0 URL again?


Hey there!

Thank you for reporting that! I need to reach out to Developer Support Engineering team and confirm how we can go about such change. Will get back to you as soon as I have the information from them.

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Hey there!

Yep we will be able to handle that with help of our engineering team. What I will need from you is to send me a private message here in the forum with your tenant name and email. Thank you!

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