Downgraded to free plan, but all URL links in email template still linked to custom domain

We recently downgraded to free plan, but seems our custom domains still stuck to the previously set domain. All URL links in our email templates still redirect to the custom domain and we didn’t have option to disable it since the feature not available in this free plan.

Is there any way to reset our domain to the one that provided by Auth0?

Thank you.

Hi @supporteis,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you encountered a scenario where your email template URLs are linked to your custom domain even after downgrading to a free subscription plan.

First, could you please clarify if you have deleted your custom domain in your Auth0 Dashboard > Settings > Custom Domains?

If not, you will have to delete the custom domain to reflect the default Auth0 domain for your tenant.

Once that is complete, you should see your email templates revert the URLs to the default Auth0 domain.

Hoped this helps!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions.

Thank you.

Hi @rueben.tiow ,

Thanks for replying.

We didn’t remove the custom domain before the subscription downgraded.
Then when we check in Auth0 dashboard, the custom domain feature already disabled with the following message.

This feature is not available for free plans. To configure a custom domain, please [upgrade your account to any paid plan]

But our link still redirected to custom domain.
Can you help to reset the custom domain in our account?

Thank you.

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Hi @supporteis,

Thank you for your response.

Could you please DM your tenant name and the custom domain name to me?

I will investigate this and see what we can do to remove your custom domain.

Thank you.

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