Password reset on custom domain?

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I am using custom a custom domain for logging in ( but the hosted password reset page redirects to the tenant name, not the custom domain. Can the password reset page also use the custom domain?

You can signup and reset the password try for yourself here:


Hi @mgcdanny,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community Forum, your login is looking great.

The redirect url can be configured in the email subsection of your dashboard. This URL will take you there:{YOUR_TENANT}/emails

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Thanks - I am looking to change the url of the auth0 hosted password reset page… not the redirect after the user changes their password.

Okay, I see.

Are you using the new universal login experience or classic? Keep in mind, if you did any customization to the login page et al. then you are using classic.

If you are using classic (or auth0.js), have you setup the config for custom domains following this guideline:

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Ok thank you. I think the information I need is covered in that link. However, I am receiving this error message, which is strange because I already have custom domain setup:

“This feature is not available for free plans. To configure a custom domain you have to upgrade your account to any paid plan.”


Unfortunately free tier plans do not include custom domain support as stated here,

I am not sure why you would be able to configure it, but I would guess that may be the case if you did so during a free trial, then the trial ended.

If you are not a free tier account and you are receiving the error then I can help to investigate that mismatch. Just let me know.


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