Use Auth0 with Keycloak


I am trying to connect AuthO in Keycloak so that my users can get into Keycloak using Auth0. The huddles I am facing is how to implement this also how do I port users from one service to another or add users. If a new user is added to keycloak how do they have Auth0 access or vice versa?

Hi @anamr,
In your scenario I’m guessing that Keycloak is configured to federate OIDC to Auth0. So, after the user is authenticated in Auth0, Keycloak will receive token and it will do just time Just-in-Time provisioning.
I’m not quite sure why you need to synchronize a user creation from Keycloak to Auth0 - it’s a little bit strange - but you can do this with a custom SPI in Keycloak listening to the creation events and then this custom module will call the Auth0: Users/post_users to create the User in Auth0.